The Most Important Things You Need For a Vietnam Bicycle Tour

Vietnam bicycle tour is great fun for anyone who enjoys a nice bike ride on beautiful landscapes. But besides a comfortable bike, you also require the right gear to protect yourself from the weather and for safety as well. Here are some things that you require when on a Vietnam or Cambodia cycling tour.

A water and wind resistant jacket with a double-pull zipper is a must to protect you from cold winds and rain. Get a jacket that also has deep pockets to store a few items.

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Gloves, shorts, socks, track shoes, shades and a bike helmet are the other very important items you would need. But if you are using the services of a bike tour operator, things like helmets and gloves would be provided by them.

There are special cycling shorts that protect your body and hips. Make sure you grab a pair. The socks you get should also be made of a material like wick that keeps your feet dry and does not soak water.

Remember, cycling through a rough terrain can be risky if you are doing it without a helmet. Make sure you have a good quality helmet with a strap.


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