cambodia adventures

Vietnam cycling trip: a wonderful and memorable experience

Vietnam, with its many ethnic minorities and 2,200 old histories, is rich in culture, ancient heritage and several natural attractions.  Once I landed in Vietnam, I thought I can explore all the attractions in my single trip, but I was completely wrong. I have visited Vietnam for more than six times , but have always found something new and amazing in our every trip.

In my last visit to Vietnam, my beaches and highlands cycling tour started at the beach resort of Nha Trang on the central coast and ended in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The country encompasses a wide range of natural attractions, right from the flat lands of the Mekong Delta, pristine beaches to magnificent Halong Bay with its 3,000 islands.

The local culture, tradition and foods in Vietnam are mind blowing. You must taste the local dishes, wherever you visit Vietnam. The road of Vietnam is not too good.  It took me approx 15 to 16 days to end my trip. The attractions and sightseeing between these routes are amazing and will defiantly steal anyone’s heart. Overall the Vietnam cycling tour was little hard, but an amazing experience.

Amazing country, friendly people, luxurious hotels, wonderful attractions and adventurous Vietnam Cycling. Go for it.


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