Cycles in Cambodia – To Make It Adventurous

With the materialization of Cambodia as the popular tourist destination after years of tyranny as well as occupation tour workers are promoting this adventurous destination of this country. As the numbers of tourists comes to this country for visiting the popular Angkor Temples in the Siem Reap, there are many more hideaway locations off beaten track of the tourist for more adventurous tourists. The best transportation mode to explore these locations is cycles in Cambodia.

There are numbers of activities that a tourist can enjoy with their whole family that includes hiking, trekking or cycling. The other most popular thing that one should enjoy over their tour to Cambodia is Vietnam mountain bike tour.

However, the visitors coming to this place mostly visit Angkor Wat should extend it to the cycling tour to entire of Angkor Archaeological park, which will surely give numerous options to explore the Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat by avoiding the heavy traffic over this place.

cambodia adventures

Moving towards the Mekong River to the north from the Phnom Penh offers traveler to reach populated region of the country that is not yet completely developed in terms of commercialization. However, this is the real Cambodia where though the local people are poor yet the friendliness offered by these people are the riches in the country. It is adventurous to cycle in Cambodia through the roads and tracks following river north from one village to other. The most popular route of cycle in Cambodia is approximately 30 kilometers that starts from Kratie and ends at Kampi, that also offers an opportunity to visit rare Irrawaddy dolphins.

There are numbers of locations that one can explore on cycles in Cambodia that include areas like Mondulkiri and Rattanakari that are popular for crater lakes, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuary and many more to mention.


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