Experience Mekong Delta on Your Indochina Cycling Tour

Before I start with my personal experience about my Indochina cycling tour few days back, I would like to introduce you all with the Mekong Delta. It is one of the most beautiful and green area that has serene river channels, canals and surroundings. At the Mekong Delta, people mostly prefer to travel through the boat and here you can see the amazing and beautiful floating markets that in my life have seen for the very first time.

cambodia adventures

Recently on my Indochina cycling tour I also went for a four day cycling trip in the Mekong Delta that appeared to be quite adventurous and healthy. This bicycle tour in Mekong Delta can be a life time experience for the tourists coming to visit this place. On this trip you will pass on the weaving via the paths and canal covered with fairies and orchards, the lively and charming villages. On your Indochina cycling trip, you will also experience some of the best or out of the world traditional cuisine with local delights that will served to you in the hear welcoming and friendly ambience by lovely people.

In addition to all this, the Mekong Delta has many more things to offer to their tourist as the hustle and bustle of the local markets, its lovable and overgrown scenic beauty and most crucial, the intriguing markets of this country that gets their tourist much closer to the people and culture of Vietnam. The Mekong Delta tour on your Indochina cycling tour will always remain the most memorable trip that the tourist experience on their southern corner of the country that is at a distance of very short drive from Saigon city. This tour also helps in tie properly with the Hanoi Express from Saigon to offer you the all round details of the Vietnam country.

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