Get Lifetime Experience on Laos Cycling Tour

We will not go wrong if we will say that visiting Cambodia is surely an overwhelmingly experience for every tourist coming to this place on their Laos cycling tour. There is something magical, mystical about gigantic sanctuaries, dense and dark mangroves and spectacular architecture of this place. A mad dash or casual stroll through this is not just enough. Cambodia requires to be savored and savor tourist can. Taking a week out for tours like cycles in Cambodia to hit the popular destination of this place that epitomizes soul of East is really worth.

The kingdom of this place is located in the southwestern region of Indochina Peninsula that is bordered by Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. It has approximately 400kms coastline that is bounded by Gulf of Thailand on Southwest. The climate of Cambodia is tropical and is normally humid and hot with temperature rising up to 28 degree Celsius. If you are planning for cycles in Cambodia on your Laos cycling tour, then best time to explore this beautiful location starts from early December till end of January as the climate is most favorable for cycling.

Mekong delta cycl-IndoChinaCyclingTour

The Cambodia’s capital is Phnom Penh and the currency of this country is Riel that is available in the denomination starting from 50 and end at 100,000. Thai baht ad US Dollars are also acceptable at several places. Out of four airport of this country, Siem Reap Angkor International Airport acts as the main airport for tourists coming from different part of the country. Tourist coming to Cambodia should make a note that despite of chaos that wrecked confusion with the transportation system of the country, Cambodia’s highways has recently been upgraded and paved as per the international standard best suitable to explore the popular location on cycles in Cambodia. Even though the public transport is fairly efficient, you can rent a private car for better pace and comfortable journey.


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